Anloo, Hervormde Kerk

1718: The organ, based on a design by Arp Schnitger, was built by Johannes Radeker and Rudolph Garrels. Both were emloyees of Schnitger's.

1728: Repairs by Frans Caspar Schnitger

1741: Repair of the bellows by Albert Anthoni Hinsz.

1795: Repairs by Rudolph Knol.

1806: Repairs by N.A. Lohman

1827: New manual by B.J. Freytag

18..: Removal of Mixtuur, Sesquialter and Dulciaan. Vox Humana from Borstwerk to Hoofdwerk.

1906: Repairs by Jan Doornbos.

1922: Repairs by André Doornbos.

1948: Changes by Mense Ruiter. Enlargement of the manual from C-c3 to C-f3, changes to stop  action, new windchannels, adding a new manual-coupler, new Mixtuur, lowering the pitch to a1 = 440Hz, new reservoir in stead of the wedge-shaped bellows, lowering of the wind-pressure to 58mm.

1991: Start of the restoration by Henk van Eeken.

1995: Fire in in Van Eeken's workshop and a part of the pipework and the whole manual destroyed.

2002: Organ finally restored by Henk van Eeken, and a new free pedal added.


Hoofdwerk   Borstwerk   Pedaal  
Quintadena 16' Gedackt 8' Bourdon 16'
Principael 8' Floit 4' Octaaf 8'
Holpijp 8' Octav 2' Bazuin 16'
Octav 4' Sijfloit 1 1/3    
Spitspijp 4' Scherp ÍII    
Quint 2 2/3' Dulciaen 8'    
Super Octav 2'        
Sesquialter II        
Mixtuir IV-VI        
Trompet 8'        
Vox Humana 8' bas-disc.