The organ on its new location in AssenAssen, Marturiakerk

1790: The organ was built by Albertus van Gruisen for the Hervormde Kerk at Heerenveen with Hoofdwerk and Rugpositief.

1861: Rebuild of the instrument to an instrument of the Romantic period by L. van Dam. The Rugpositief was replaced by a new Onderpositief, new manuals on the left-hand side, new mechanism, repositioning of the windchest as Hoofdwerk, Bovenwerk. Mostly new pipework.

1932: Repair by Sanders and removal of the Tertiaan.

1972: The church in Heerenveen is dismantled and the organ is sold to Assen. Mense Ruiter places the organ in the Marturiakerk. The case is somewhat altered and the disposition changed in a Neo-Baroque style.

1975: A free pedal with old pipework is added behind the organ. The pipework of the pedal was bought from several places where the pipework was no longer needed by rebuilding or replacement.

2007: The church has been demolished. The organ is in store by Sicco Steendam.


Hoofdwerk Bovenwerk Pedaal
Bourdon 16' Fluit dolce 8' Prestant 16'
Prestant 8' Violl de Gambe 8' Bourdon 16'
Holpijp 8' Fluit travers 4' Octaaf 8'
Octaaf 4' Salicet 4' Bourdon 8'
Roerfluit 4' Woudfluit 2' Octaaf 4'
Quintfluit 2 2/3' Nasard 1 1/3' Nachthoorn 2'
Octaaf 2' Sesquialter II discant  Ruispijp  IV
Cornet III discant Carillon II  Bazuin 16'
Tertiaan I-II  Scherp III-IV   Trompet 8' 
Mixtuur III-V  Clarinette 8' 
Trompet 8'
The organ on its original location in Heerenveen Statues on the "Onderpositief"
New pedal-section added in Assen Console in Assen